Thursday, August 13, 2009

Extention of Sale!!

I am not getting done quite what I had wanted to before my "blog sale" ended. The warm weather is calling me. We haven't really had summer as of yet in our area and now it is finally warming up to 90 degrees for a couple days so I have to get out and enjoy it and relax in the sun. For next week it is supposed to cool off again. :( Well that means I will have more time to get the rest of my stuff listed that I want to. So on account of the warm weather, the buy one get one equal or lesser value 50% off sale is officially extended till the end of next week, August 21st. That way you have more to choose from when you go to make your order. On the other hand if you already know what you want, feel free and let me know. Any listings also that are complete outfits are 20% off the list price.

I am working on some ruffles and a darling corduroy dress right now. I want to also add another shirt and a skirt to mix and match as well. Is there a certain style people are looking for? Let me know!!


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