Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photo Shoot

Ava Colletion Knot Tunic

I recently had the opportunity to work with a portraiture artist with http://www.blossomportraitureart.com/ in photographing my latest designs. I had a wonderful working experience with Suymey. She was very professional and friendly and her work is awesome, something I dream to do with my clothes. She knows just how to set the stage for a beautiful shoot. I love the results and would be happy to work with her again!

White Peasant Undershirt


Thursday, September 17, 2009

20% off Dress Sale

Choose a dress, any dress from my shop and take 20% off. WOW!! Here's another deal: See a shirt you would like as dress length. Today through Sunday evening (the 20th....also G2's birthday!!), you can get it dress length for shirt price. DOUBLE WOW!!!
Got a new shirt listed today. I love this one! The fabric is so bright and fun and fall! I told G3 she could have it, since G1 and G2 already got new shirts made by mom. But order fast on this one, the fabric supply is limited!!

She is going to use these for her 5 year/kindergarten pictures as well.

It goes great with my pink/brown corduroy ruffles.

Also looks great under my corduroy jumper!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm doing it again...

...I am hosting another garage sale. I just did one this spring. Well here is how the story goes. I always clean out the kids clothes every spring and every fall. But also there is some land that we bought last winter. Some gorgeous wooded acres:



The house is going to go (do you wonder why?) and another is eventually going to take its place.
Also on this land (we bought as is, everything goes with) is a barn FULL of junk {treasures}, that I am trying to lure people into buying, rather than throwing it all in a whole in the ground! One man's junk is another man's treasure, is it not??


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How Many People Did This Today?

It is back to the schedule, back to the grind, back to a little more peace and quiet. I love this time of year when you get up in the cool crisp morning, send the kids (half of them anyway) off on the big yellow bus and then relax with a cup of "Joe", as my brothers would say.

I have three I am sending off this year. Three big girls.
And now mom is at home with her three boys, one who considers himself big and thinks he should be joining the girls (not for 2 more years buddy). Another who is a complete delight and at such a fun age learning new words every day. And the last, but certainly not least, (who is also at a fun age figuring out what is going on in this world), waking, watching, giggling, eating, (pooping), sleeping.
For the latest on Etsy updates. I am sitting right now at about a 2 week wait after I get my next 2 orders out the door (which are very close to completed....tomorrow!).