Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How Many People Did This Today?

It is back to the schedule, back to the grind, back to a little more peace and quiet. I love this time of year when you get up in the cool crisp morning, send the kids (half of them anyway) off on the big yellow bus and then relax with a cup of "Joe", as my brothers would say.

I have three I am sending off this year. Three big girls.
And now mom is at home with her three boys, one who considers himself big and thinks he should be joining the girls (not for 2 more years buddy). Another who is a complete delight and at such a fun age learning new words every day. And the last, but certainly not least, (who is also at a fun age figuring out what is going on in this world), waking, watching, giggling, eating, (pooping), sleeping.
For the latest on Etsy updates. I am sitting right now at about a 2 week wait after I get my next 2 orders out the door (which are very close to completed....tomorrow!).

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  1. How precious that you sent your littlest big girl off to kindergarten. Now with three little men still home with you just when do you find time to relax and enjoy your cup of Joe? lol. Enjoy your autumn. :)