Thursday, August 6, 2009

EEEEEk I am so in love!

This is baby number 6 and I am in love all over again. It sometimes seems how can a person divide their love between so many children, but this love doesn't divide, it just keeps growing. I remember thinking when I was expecting my second how will I love this baby as much as the first? And sure enough that love was there for that baby too, and the love my first seemed to change a little bit. This love still is changing as my oldest now is 8 and is a great big help to her mom, but it is such an awesome feeling to have that "baby love" again!
How can you not just love them?
In the mean time I am busy trying to get rid of some baby fat! :) My inspiration this time: 5K run that is coming up NEXT SATURDAY!! Another EEEEEEEEK! I have had only 4 weeks to train for this so we shall see how it goes. Also my training has been just a tad sporatic at times, but as long as my sister (who has promised to come and hold my hand) is still up to it we are going to do it in 9 days! Wish me luck. LOL!


  1. Darling baby...big bald head like mine has! Good luck on your run!

  2. You're amazing! Mom to 6 kiddos, running your own home business, and now you're doing a 5K run, too? Kudos to you. Your little guy is darling. I can see how it would be easy to fall in love with a smile like that.