Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Been racing around like a mad woman....

trying to get some more items posted this week. I succeeded in a few only because I have my sister here this week helping me again. She might be going home for good now after this week. :( Ah well after I get some new items up I can relax a little. But I have more cute cute fabric waiting for me to start shaping into something pretty and well wearable! I am pretty pleased with the results. First we had to weed out a few obstacles:
Number one: Rascal there in the bottom corner! (Annoying!! thinks big sister.) As soon as the camera comes out he is there saying "cheese!!" (I will have to do some sewing and model it on him.)
Number two: The glasses had to go they were causing too much reflection.

Shirt number one made in pretty pink and brown which seems to be a favorite color combination of mine for now. I added some shirring on the sleeves and waist to give it a little different look, I like the end result. Got that one photographed and went in to punch down the bread dough and form it into loaves. At the same time throwing some sandwiches together for the rest of the troop and giving instructions to sister how to make a headband since we decided we needed to add to the next photo shoot.
Shirt number two and we forgot to shoot some of this shirt with a layered look. She tried it on with a pink shirt underneath and it looked darling....might have to squeeze that in that possible? So we added a bandana to this one. You may request it for an additional $5.00 in the fabric of your choice! I really like this shirt too (so does the girl in the photo...hmmm...does she deserve it, probably I guess for all her hard work :)).
I had an order for a size 8 shirt in this style so we decided to update the pictures for this shirt as it is still available but the sparrow pants in the old photos are not. YAY I got rid of pretty much every last inch of that stuff! It was a favorite for sure.

Then I got out the performer to model the new corduroy dress that I was working on earlier. Very cute with AND without the sash, take your pick. I wish I had a pair of little brown boots to model this with. Sigh.....maybe I will find some one of these days. Oh....and the ruffles will also be available too. I would like to make shirt to model them with as well....!

That's all for today folks, as she gives the final bow! Clap clap clap...she likes to be on stage!

Take advantage of the blog sale that ends on Friday. I plan to get a couple more items listed by tomorrow. (Do I need to pull an all nighter? I have Mt. Everest piling in the laundry room.)


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  1. I love the "obstacle" in the first photo. He's too cute!!!

    You really do do it all--raising 5 kids, sewing, photographing, making homemade bread, giving directions on how to make a headband. lol. You are amazing.