Thursday, May 7, 2009


Down to 17 days now til my due date. I am catching up on orders here and listing ready to ship items. I will list a few every day at 25% off my original price. These items are all clothes I made to photograph for my site, so they are all new. I am clearing out closet space getting ready for new baby. After baby comes I will be reopening with some new fall things and relisting a few of my best-sellers. Still to list:

Sophia Wrap Skirt size 5.

White Blouse size 4.

Heather Bailey Freshcut shirt size 4.

Farmer's Market knot dress size 7.
Madeline Shirt size 5.
And there will still be a few more. Need to still go through the closet! :)


  1. Shopping at RedWagonKids can bring sunshine to any day. But shopping at RedWagonKids during a sale...well, that's like bringing sunshine and all the bright colors of the rainbow to an otherwise ordinary day. :)

    Have a safe delivery and birth, Marcy. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the fall, although I do love having the kids home for summer and don't want it to go by *too* fast. Enjoy your babymoon.

  2. Is baby here yet? Best wishes for a safe and quick delivery and a warm and healthy baby boy.