Friday, May 1, 2009

23 days and counting...

Down to 23 days left til baby is due! I have been planning on getting a blog going here, but have been procrastinating for a few weeks. I want to keep everyone posted on the status of my shop now that it is going to be closed for a few weeks starting next week. I don't want to take on too much now with baby due in a couple weeks, so whatever gets ordered by May 6th (that's next Wednesday), I am planning to get shipped out and then focus on baby! Unless there are any surprises, I usually go within a day or two of my duedate.

Ho boy and I also have sick kids on my hands too, so I am disinfecting and doing laundry pretty regularly here too! When it rains it pours around here, usually. Yesterday I took one of my sick kids (B1) into the clinic (and sure enough had ear infection B1 had ear infection last week). So his appointment was at 11:30. I had to leave the house by 11:00 and had to leave it very presentable cause Wednesday the realtor called for a showing on our house at 3:00 Thursday. Then after we find out about the ear infection (had the prescription sent over to Walmart) we all (as in Girl2, Girl3, Boy1, Boy2) ran to McDonald's and grabbed some lunch. Of course at McD's B1 has to use the bathroom...oops too late and shoot no clean diapers in the diaper bag. Oh well we will just stop by home and grab some later! Run to Walmart with all 4 charms, it is now 1:40 and I need to be at the school to pick up G1 at 2:30 to go to the dentist. Get into Walmart, 1:45....nice, the pharmacy is closed for lunch from 1:30 til 2:00. Okay, I guess I will grab whatever else I need and pay for that then return to the pharmacy. 2:00 Pharmacy now open, whew the prescription is ready AND it went through insurance first attempt! WOW, one point for the day! Get kids back in bus (we have a 12 passenger van now!) and run and get G1 from school, good she is ready waiting in the office, another point. G1, G2, and G3 all have cleanings at 3:30, 3 different hygenists, so I will just sit in the waiting room with B1 and B2 while they are getting their cleanings done. Run to the dentist, stop at home and grab some diapers and tylenol on the way past cause B1 seems to be running a temp now. Chugging down the road, takes about 1/2 hour to get there and B1 decides to be sick. On no!!! Now he is covered from head to toe with his lunch! How can I take him into the dentist office?? Call hubby, he works right next to the dentist office. Yup he can leave work an hour early and take B1 and B2 home. Stop on the side of the road and clean up mess!! Whew hubby saves the day and and the dentist appointments get done. We still don't know if there was a showing on our house tho cause we got home and there weren't really even any traces that someone was in our house. Next time I am going to leave the wet wipes box behind the door so I know if the front door was even opened or not.

Well lets hope for a better day today! Got to get sewing, I have a few orders to fill here. Hoping to get order for jennmanderson out today, it is almost done!


  1. Wow! What an exhausting day! Makes me tired just reading about it!

  2. What a day. And I'm sure it's par for the course for you. You amaze me--raising 5 sweet kids, another on the way, and still having time for the out-of-this-world sewing you do.