Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A New Tab for Red Wagon Kids

I am switching gears here!  I have always loved photography and hoped some day to get more into it. So now I have done some research and have received some tips from other photographers.  The biggest tip I have received is to get a 50mm lens and start practicing.  Well this is it!  I have started practicing and am hoping to do pictures for others in the future. I am mostly doing this for myself and my enjoyment of photography as I want to capture daily life with my kids in better quality than I have in the past. 

I hope to attend some workshops in the future to expand my knowledge and at the same share it with you at an affordable price for families.  I have a big family myself and I know how hard it is to justify spending so much on family pictures that are quickly outdated as the kids grow and babies come.

I will still also be doing a limited amount of sewing.  As of right now it will remain the same.  As my photography grows, you will see my boutique shop slowing down, but I will still add fun Limited Editions and/or One of a Kinds

You will find my photography tab at the top of my blog page now!


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