Monday, November 21, 2011

Mind of a 4 Year Old

Here he is! My 4 year old... daily challenge!
I once said he is the life of the party a few years back...
he is living up to his rep!
He gets up in the morning and does not stop....
until he gets tucked in at night.
Full of fun, excitment, wonder, laughing...
teasing, pestering, razzing, badgering...
warmth, compassion, and love.
All of it summed up in one kid...depending on just how he decides he wants to be!

Sunday mornings Dad and the older kids leave to church earlier for Sunday School and Mom and the youngers go in an hour later for the regular morning service. Well alot of times Grandma and Grandpa, who live a half a mile through the woods {...over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go...!} will stop and pick the rest of us up for a ride in to church. Well as we are driving along last weekend, 4 year old and Grandma are having a conversation. {Grandma who he loves so very much and who I'm sure returns the sentiment equally!}

"Look at all those clouds in the sky!" "There are alot of clouds in the sky aren't there grandma"
"Yes there is!"
"Holy! Look at that mongo one!" ...{pause}... "You can't go swimming til it's 80" "We have a swimming pool by our barn." "Do you know where our barn is Grandma?"
"Yes I do"
"It is way up at the top of our hill." ...{pause}... "Grandma"
"Your teeth are right next to your lips."

And so on the entire 15 minute drive to church. Gotta love 4 year olds!

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